Bespoke Lighting Sculpture Ginkgo 1120B

Ginkgo 1120B

nature inspired porcelain chandelier ginkgo bespoke 1120
Ginkgo Bespoke / 1120 A
March 18, 2019
organic lighting sculptures for luxury homesGINKGO B 700
GINKGO B/700 – Residential
March 18, 2019
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Bespoke Lighting Sculpture Gingko Bespoke / 1120 B

Bespoke Lighting Sculpture Ginkgo B/1120B Ginkgo B/1120B is an exclusive and contemporary interior design statement, composed of 700 handcrafted porcelain leaves. This luxury lighting sculpture goes much further than its functional purpose of lighting a space. By illuminating itself, it defines its own shape and presence, becoming a mesmerizing artwork. Like a living plant, it is beautifully adaptive and able to ‘grow’ into a space. Its natural, dynamic energy both calms and revitalizes us, the interplay between ceramic and light creating a sense of wellbeing and warmth. Custom-made to sit harmoniously and animate any private manmade space, this handcrafted, bespoke lighting sculpture captures the essence of living nature.


Handmade translucent porcelain leaves,
Handcrafted stainless steel frame, borosilicate glass diffusers.

Light source

Socket E 14, max. 6 W. Compatible with LED string bulbs.
The light source is replaceable by the user.
80 LED E14 x 6 W (max)

Technical data

For 230 volts. Also available for 120 volts on E 12 sockets.


447,1 cm Length x 359,5 cm Height (adjustable) x 202 cm Width


Approximately 120 kg


Metal framework with Nickel or Gold finish.

More info

The installations on show are just a few examples of the possibilities and scope of Andreea’s work. Handmade lighting porcelain chandelier structures are beautifully adaptive, able to illuminate and breathe life into a space in a fluid, three-dimensional way that goes far beyond the boundaries of organic design. Luxury bespoke chandelier lighting installations are completely unique, specifically tailored to work harmoniously with the architecture of the space.

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